About John


Brian Schweitzer chose me as his bipartisan running mate, and together we administered the best-run State Government in the United States. When I became Lt. Governor, we inherited an ending fund balance of $50 million dollars. Eight years later, when we left office in 2013, that balance was more than $450 million dollars. We did so without raising taxes, and while we invested historic amounts of new money in education and human services. We were able to do this because we were good money managers: we challenged expenses, and we grew our economy by developing our natural resources, while protecting our air and water

Served 3 Terms in

MT House of Representatives

Elected Twice to

the Montana State Senate

Served 2 Terms as

Lt. Governor for Montana



Five core values were ingrained in me while serving in the United States Marine Corps: duty, honor, country, responsibility and service.  These are crucial times in America and Montana, times in which many legislators have lost sight of our Nation’s common values to espouse idealogical extremes, and others to advance the causes of shadowy special interests.



These are times that require proven leadership, legislators who fulfill their duty to govern, to uphold the best interests of our entire country, of responsibility to those we represent, and our call to serve all members of our society with courage and honor.  We need to elect experienced policy makers who have an understanding of the diverse and complex issues that face our State and Nation and the willingness and flexibility to make choices that serve the greater good, not narrow special interests or short-sighted ideology.  



There is nothing I would rather do than work towards promoting on a National level the prudent money management practices developed over my 33 year career as a successful small businessman in Billings, and my 8 years as Montana's Lt. Governor.  Especially, we need to rebuild the middle class, we need to restore America's soul: our faith in each other and the understanding that united, we stand.



As Senator, I will spend 100% of my time working to find acceptable solutions to the many problems that currently divide us into hostile camps, but which we, in our State and Nation, still have to face together.  I will not be campaigning to raise money for the next election, and especially not entertaining or being entertained by K Street lobbyists.  It is important to America and to Montana that this seat be held by a Democrat, as part of the checks and balance formula called for in our Constitution. 



This is not my first rodeo.  I believe that I am the Democrat who can win in November, because of my 20 years of experience in making public policy and serving Montanans of all walks of life with courtesy, kindness and integrity.  I believe I know the people of Montana, and that they know me.